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NeuAG™ is proud to offer an advanced product line that helps the world continue to turn

Products with Purpose.

Bulk ammonium sulfate and blends that make a difference across industries

Force of Nature.

High quality ammonium sulfate products for a variety of applications

The Products We Offer Support a Variety of Industries Including:

  • Agriculture


  • Lawn & Garden

    Lawn & Garden

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

Ammonium Sulfate & Other Products for Fertilizer & Industrial Applications.

When it comes to growing healthy, sustainable turf, crops and plants, the highest quality ammonium sulfate fertilizer is key. A potent blend of agriculture fertilizer with nitrogen for plant growth will support our nation’s crops, from corn and cotton to soybean and wheat. But, just as our land deserves only the best, nearly all other industries can benefit from working with the best ammonium sulfate products on the market.

NeuAG™ supplies the purest, most enhanced ammonium sulfate for a variety of applications. Our advanced products, custom blends and raw material accommodate all needs and help supply the energy necessary to keep our world moving and growing together.

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